ubuntu – from 16.04 to 18.04

ubuntu bionic beaver logo

I used Ubuntu 16.04 for as long as I could. It turns out that Dropbox sent me a notification about dropping support for file systems different than ext4.

your Dropbox folder will stop syncing because it’s on a file system or partition that no longer meets the requirements

I thougth I was using ext4 but, since I had enabled encryption on my home folder, in reality I had ecryptfs. So I needed to use another partition if I’d like to continue using Dropbox.
I thought it wouldn’t be so hard to resize my primary partition -since I used LVM- and create another partition with ext4. Well I tried system-config-lvm and kvpm but they both required to boot from a liveusb or livecd distribution since the partition I wanted to resize was my root partition.

So I decided it would be easier, and perhaps better, for me to just upgrade to ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I wasn’t wrong, the new version feels smoother, faster and a little bit cleaner.

The only hiccups I had were

  • no fullscreen apps (hide menu bar when maximized)
    Although you can install this gnome extension to enable this behavior.
  • HUD is gone
    I used it with gimp a lot -crop, resize, any menu command available just pressing ALT-. Well, there’s also a gnome extension for this.
  • hot corners (to change between applications pointing the mouse to a corner or CMD+W)
    You can use a gnome extension called custom corner as explained in this article.
  • adding custom launchers to dock
  • it doesn’t have a default backup manager (you can install deja-dup as it was the default before)
    > sudo apt install deja-dup
  • i needed support for exfat (it’s where I placed my last backup)
    > sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils

well, so far I’m very happy with the upgrade.



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