angular – prevent default submit on click of a button

I had a form with ngSubmit

<form name="editForm" role="form" novalidate (ngSubmit)="save()" #editForm="ngForm">

and inside this form I have 3 buttons like so

<div class="btn-group flex-btn-group-container">

            <span class="fa fa-eye"></span>
            <span class="hidden-md-down">Descargar</span>

            <span class="fa fa-pencil"></span>
            <span class="hidden-md-down">Edit</span>

            <span class="fa fa-remove"></span>
            <span class="hidden-md-down">Delete</span>


two are of type submit and one has a click handler.

Whenever I clicked the first button (click handler), it was submitting the form. To prevent this you should add the $event parameter

<button (click) = "descargarAdjunto(adjunto, $event)" class="btn btn-info btn-sm">
    <span class="fa fa-eye"></span>
    <span class="hidden-md-down">Descargar</span>

and call the prevent default

private descargarAdjunto(adjunto, $event){




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