Netbeans – Enable symbolic links in Payara (GlassFish) for your application

Screenshot from 2017-11-09 13-08-37

To enable symbolic links in Payara you just have to go to the admin console (http://localhost:4848 or inside netbeans open it in the Services window | Servers | Payara right click it and select ‘open admin console’) and click Configuration | server-config | Virtual Servers | server, then under Additional Properties, click Add Property and enter allowLinking as name and true as value as shown in the image above.

Symbolic links do not work with war deployments, they only work with exploded wars (if you add a symbolic link inside a war, the files from the target dir will be copied inside the war -compressed file-)
The good news is that Netbeans runs your app as an exploded war (folder). The folder path is usually {project}/build/web, to find out the folder which it uses for your app just open the Payara admin console and go to the Applications section and click your app, then look for the attribute ‘Location’
Go to that location and create whatever symbolic link your app needs, for example

cd {project}/build/web
ln -s /usr/share/docs docs

then you can access all the resources inside that folder like so


In production, you’ll have to deploy your app as an exploded war and have the same symbolic link created in the server




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