jhipster – runs fine from maven but not from intellij

Screenshot from 2017-11-08 14-43-11

I’ve started a project with jhipster@4.10.2 and ran the usual yarn install and afterwards mvn, it executed fine and I could see the result on http://localhost:8080.
Then, I opened the project on [IntelliJ] and followed the steps on the guide to configure the IDE to exclude directories, enable spring support, enable javascript code support and -the most important feature to me- application hot restart. The last step in the guide is to enable the maven IDE profile, but it caused the following error

Error:(19, 8) java: cannot access javax.servlet.Filter
class file for javax.servlet.Filter not found

when I tried to run the app (right click your app class file src/main/java/{package}/{appname}.java and choose ‘Run’), well actually at compile time.

I just had to disable the IDE maven profile to get it working again.



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