Java 8 – Convert collection of objects to another type with streams

I was trying to simplify the following lines with java 8

this.audiencias = new ArrayList<>();
        for(Audiencia audiencia: carpeta.getAudiencias()){
            this.audiencias.add(new AudienciaDTO(audiencia));

to this

this.audiencias =;

although it seems correct, and no error was thrown, it was returning an empty list.

As it happens, the list type is important. The attribute this.audiencias is of type Collection and carpeta.getAudiencias returns the same type, but the method stream() apparently only works with List types.

If I change the code to

List<Audiencia> asList = new ArrayList(carpeta.getAudiencias());
        this.audiencias =;

it works as expected, but it is cumbersome the need to convert the Collection to a List type first.

for a one liner it would be

this.audiencias = new ArrayList<>(carpeta.getAudiencias()).stream().map(AudienciaDTO::new).collect(Collectors.toList());




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