SmartGWT – RestDataSource and PathParam

abril 21, 2017

To integrate a REST web service with SmartGWT DataSource you have client side data integration mechanisms.

I’ve used this to connect an existing REST web service with SmartGWT controls.

Nevertheless, we have a REST web service wich receives a Path Parameter to update an entity.

    public Response updateProveedor(@PathParam("id")String id, String request){
        Response response = null;
            SCRequest<Proveedor> scRequest = Jackson.mapper().readValue(request, new TypeReference<SCRequest<Proveedor>>() {
            Proveedor proveedor = Proveedor.guardar(scRequest.getData());
            response = Response.ok(Jackson.mapper().writeValueAsString(new SCResponse(0, proveedor))).build();
        } catch (Exception e){
            String error = "Ocurrio un problema al actualizar el registro del proveedor";
            log.error(error, e);
            response = Response.serverError().entity(error).build();
        return response;

we need to configure the URL of the RestDataSource dynamically like so in the transformRequest method

public class ProveedoresRestDataSource extends RestDataSource {
    private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger("ProveedoresRestDataSource");

    public static final ProveedoresRestDataSource INSTANCE = new ProveedoresRestDataSource();
    public static final String API_REST_WEB_GWT_COMPRAS_CATALOGOS_PROVEEDORES = "api/rest/web-gwt-compras/catalogos/proveedores";

    public ProveedoresRestDataSource() {

        OperationBinding create = new OperationBinding(DSOperationType.ADD, API_REST_WEB_GWT_COMPRAS_CATALOGOS_PROVEEDORES);
        OperationBinding retrieve = new OperationBinding(DSOperationType.FETCH, API_REST_WEB_GWT_COMPRAS_CATALOGOS_PROVEEDORES);
        OperationBinding update = new OperationBinding(DSOperationType.UPDATE, API_REST_WEB_GWT_COMPRAS_CATALOGOS_PROVEEDORES);
        DSRequest updateProperties = new DSRequest();
        setOperationBindings(create, retrieve, update);

        DataSourceField fldId = new DataSourceTextField("id");
        setFields(fldId, ...);

    protected Object transformRequest(DSRequest dsRequest) {
            String id = JSOHelper.getAttribute(dsRequest.getData(), "id");
            dsRequest.setActionURL(API_REST_WEB_GWT_COMPRAS_CATALOGOS_PROVEEDORES + "/" + id);
        return super.transformRequest(dsRequest);




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