Acer Aspire 5745 – Battery indicator problem

I’ve just installed Fedora 15 on my laptop Acer Aspire 5745 and works great, but the battery indicator applet always shows that it’s 0% charged wether it’s connected to ac or not. I found this post which explains that it is due to a BIOS error which has been fixed, therefore to solve this problem you need to update the bios. Acer provides an update software which, sadly, only runs on Windows or DOS. I thought of doing it from a virtual machine, but that wouldn’t work because the VM has its own BIOS. So, the solution is to run a DOS version –freeDOS– from a live-usb and run the acer software as explained here.
You will need to:

  1. download unetbootin and make the file executable with the command chmod a+x unetbootin-linux-XXX
  2. execute unetbootin with admin privileges, sudo ./unetbootin &
  3. select FreeDOS in the Distribution
  4. select USB Drive in Type and your USB device in Drive
  5. copy the Acer update software for DOS in the USB
  6. Restart your laptop and boot from USB, enter the command prompt and run the utility

Now that your BIOS is updated, the battery indicator should work fine.

Note: This surprisingly also fixed the eject button, now it’s working.



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